Our family's adventures living in Amman, Jordan

Feeling a bit hemmed in

If you think this is a post about sewing then you don’t know me very well and you’d best move on to another place in cyber space…

I am referring to the violence in almost every country that surrounds Jordan.  And how if we want to leave the country, we must fly out!

Today there was a bombing in Jerusalem.  We were thinking of going for a night over spring break to visit Masada.  I think we’ll travel closer to home.

We’ve worried these past months about our friends living in Tunis (everyone is fine!),  Cairo (they got out safely), our friends in Japan (they are waiting to get out), and a friend in Yemen.  Friends in Saudi report tanks on the streets.  And then there is Syria…so glad I went to Damascus when I had the chance!

You’ve kindly checked in on us and joined us in prayers for peace.  Jordan is peaceful right now.  Life goes on as usual; there are just protests Friday afternoons after the noon prayer time. The protests are not near our house and we read about them in the news just like everyone else does (although I am dying to photograph them!) Our protests are so peaceful, the police pass out water and juice to protesters! Don’t you love that???

We feel very safe.  But as we watch Libya and Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen…and now a bombing in Jerusalem, it is hard not to feel a bit rattled.  Like most of my friends, we are not anxious or paranoid.  But I admit the Jersusalem thing troubles me some.

Bottom line is, we simply can not evacuate.  What on earth would I do with all my cats?


One response

  1. Tracy Schall

    Oh my goodness. That pic right there is the key to world peace. If only everybody had a cat to snuggle, so much anger and frustration would melt away with the purring and cuddling.
    Kurt calls Jazz his blood pressure medication.
    I know just how you feel about the cats–it was always a worry in Tunis. Hope things settle soon everywhere so you can feel more secure. Thinking about all of you–esp those two sweet faces! xxoo

    March 23, 2011 at 11:43 pm

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